I have the answer.

You need to log-in first. Go to [ACCOUNT] and under the [SUBSCRIPTIONS] Tab, cancel your membership.

The Yaoi Army subscription costs $9.99 per month. The charge occurs every month. For example, you registered and paid on June 13, your next charge is on July 13.

No. You will only pay $9.99 per month to access your website.

The Yaoi Army offers uncensored Boys’ Love / Yaoi content from comedy, drama, romance, smut to thriller/horror. The Yaoi Army continues to expand and offer a wide variety of content. Please wait for it!

We at least upload a chapter every week or 4-5 chapters from different stories every month.

The Yaoi Army operates as a magazine and we publish 4-5 chapters from each of our active or new stories. On top of that, you can access our entire catalog.

The Yaoi Army is a start-up company and is creator-owned. Your financial support goes directly to us, the creators.

Please email us at theyaoiarmy(at)gmail(dot)com